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LOGA Legislative Recap: Week of March 15

Tanner Watson
Communications Director

The legislative session formally kicked off on Monday, and we have hit the ground running in a big way.

First and foremost, LOGA’s Legislative Bill Tracker is now LIVE and updated for the 2024 session. This is updated daily, so you’ll want to bookmark this to refer back to throughout the session, which is scheduled to run through June 3rd.

Now, to what all has gone on this week.

On Monday afternoon, we hosted the annual Republican Legislative Delegation reception. As is every year, this was a huge hit and the Jimmie Davis House was PACKED. There was a palpable buzz in the air surrounding this fresh legislature and what all we hope to accomplish.

For this first week of session, we have attended the LABI bill review, the LMOGA bill review, and the LABI Energy Council bill review. We will also be hosting our own bill reviews on Tuesdays to make sure we’re all up to date and on the same page with the current legislation.

We expect more bills to be “late filed” in the coming weeks, but as it currently stands:

• Bills that LOGA is supporting: 14

• Bills that LOGA is opposing: 19

• Bills that LOGA is monitoring: 42

The tracker goes into detail on all of the bills, but just a few highlights:

Of the bills in support, Rep. Beaullieu has two bills that reduce severance tax rates that we will testify for.

There are also two lithium bills that we may testify for, as we believe many shut in wells that made too much water may become economical if there is a lithium present.

We will be dropping two late file LOGA bills that we’ll testify on:

• A “legacy lawsuit” bill

• An “Oil & Gas Downhole Dispute Panel” bill

For the most part it seems the bills we’ll oppose will be anti-CCUS related, but we did already kill one and are getting amendments to another.

The anti-CCUS bills are House Bills: 73, 169, 276, 280, 289, 389, 516, and 729.

Members from our CCUS committee will likely testify in opposition to these bills.

We will also fiercely oppose HB 229, regarding the three-year prescription on torts.

We’ll be at the Capitol all next week when several high-priority bills are up in committee, some we’re for and some we’re against.

Visit the LOGA Tracker to stay up to date with all of the latest legislative action.

Tanner Watson

Tanner Watson
Communications Director
Louisiana Oil & Gas Association