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The future of the oil and gas industry is in your hands!

LOGPAC, DRILLPAC, and RIGPAC are political action committees that support candidates who stand with the oil and gas industry.

Businesses today are under the constant threats posed by law suits, big labor and other anti-business groups. To protect against such threats, oil and gas businesses need a large, efficient and unified network working to make their voices heard. Our PACs support legislators that believe in the stability and economic security created by the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.

Participation is open to anyone who is committed to a successful future for the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.

Join our PACs and enjoy the opportunity to communicate directly with legislators and contributors who support oil and gas industry candidates.

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LOGA is a non-profit 501c(6) organization and does not make political endorsements of candidates or make direct contributions.  We do have 3 affiliated political action committees that do however.  Those endorsements are made based off of how candidates have voted in the past if applicable and how they answer the questions on the LOGA questionnaire. This questionnaire provides the PACs with insight into how potential candidates view some of the issues that are important to LOGA and the oil and gas industry in Louisiana.  If you are interested in seeking endorsement and/or a contribution from one of LOGAs affilaitied PACs, please completed the questionnaire below. If you have any questions about the questionnaire please contact Gifford Briggs @ 225-388-9525.

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