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LOGA is a working organization, working for you.

2020 annual sponsorship opportunities

Already a member? New this year is our 2020 Annual Sponsorship Opportunities Packet, where you can plan all of you marketing efforts for 2020 at one time. You have the option of submitting your marketing plan along with dues and any desired PAC contributions all in one fell swoop, saving you time and headache. Plus, Annual Sponsors clinch additional benefits unavailable anywhere else and get a discount while they're at it.

Grab the Annual Sponsorship Opportunities Packet here, and send in your selection to CeCe at


As a member of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA), you will join with our membership of over 1100 independent producers and service companies who have stepped forward to support Louisiana’s oil & gas industry and actively promote their own business interests. LOGA is a working organization, working for you. LOGA’s achievements help the entire oil and gas industry in Louisiana – not just our membership. LOGA is your advocate in the state of Louisiana, The Energy State!

In past years being involved in the political process was not a necessity for a business. Other than issues on taxes and occupational licenses, business was not affected by state and federal governments. Today, as you are well aware, business is being regulated out of doing business. This is a reality. You can no longer take the position that someone else will handle the problem, or that your state and congressional representative will protect your interest.

LOGA was organized to represent the independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana. Our primary goal is to provide our industry with a working environment that will enhance it by creating incentives, warding off tax increases, changing existing, burdensome regulations and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry. LOGA confronts and deals directly with the many issues that are causing harm to Louisiana’s oil & gas industry.

Our mission: Advocate. Educate. Connect. Protect. Engage.

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