OCTOBER 19-22, 2020

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Gubernatorial Forum, Tuesday SEPTEMBER 17

Hear about the vision for the Bayou State's oil and gas industry from the candidates for the state's highest office.


Connections that strengthen the industry

Network with experts and leaders from the Department of Energy, the Consumer Energy Alliance, the Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana House of Representatives, Bradley Murchison, the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, the Cook Political Report, the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General, Kuchler Polk, XTO Fieldwood, Cheron, Shell, Cheniere Energy, Lafayette Parish Government, ExxonMobil, the Water Institute of the Gulf, the Army Corps of Engineers, Jones Waler, the Office of Conservation, the OFfice of Coastal Management, the Department of Natural Resources, the Association of Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Liskow and Lewis and more.

EARN CLE CREDITS: wednesday, september 18

CLE Credits

CLE Credits will be granted for the following presentations: Update on Louisiana Shale Plays, Cultural Diversity in the Oil & Gas Industry, 2019 Election Update and Overview, Energy Regulations and Changes on the Federal Level, Supreme Court Justice Candidate Forum, The Political Landscape for Election in Louisiana and the United States, Legal Up in Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico Panel, LNG Expansion in Louisiana, and Sensible Energy Policies Nationwide.


Working with federal, state, and local political divisions including levee districts, the CPRA is working to establish a safe and sustainable coast that will protect our communities, the nation's critical energy infrastructure, and bountiful natural resources for generations to come.


Greg Grandy


Each session features a top-notch, relevant talk with speakers you need to hear from.

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TX CLE: 21 hours (includes 1 hour of Ethics)LA CLE: 19.4 hours including 1 hour Ethics & 1 hour ProfessionalismAAPL: 23 hours including 1 hour Ethics
LAPEL and Texas Engineers and Land Surveyors will be self reporting. An Affidavit of Attendance will be given upon request.


9:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Elections and Industry

Through the lens of Louisiana, American Petroleum Institute President and CEO Mike Sommers will deliver a keynote address that highlights the natural gas and oil industry’s resilience, power and economic impact across America. Sommers also will discuss the choices and challenges that energy operators and voters face ahead of Election Day.

Mike Sommers

American Petroleum Institute, President and CEO

10:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

LNG Hour

What's next for Louisiana's LNG market? In the LNG Hour, Chas Roemer will lead attendees through a presentation about the world’s first net-zero liquefied natural gas (LNG) export and industrial gas production complex. His session will center on G2’s net-zero emission ambitions, the feasibility of carbon capture technology, and the future of LNG. What does the future look like for the LNG market? What are the barriers to scaling up net-zero LNG technology? What investment and partnership opportunities are there for net-zero LNG? These questions and more will be answered during this session.

Chas Roemer

Chairman, G2 LNG

11:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Federal Delegation Panel

Louisiana Members of the U.S. House of Representatives will give insight into the continued significance of the oil and gas industry to our communities and economy, provide understanding and practical opportunities for participants to help the local industry and its workforce bounce back stronger than before, and share on efforts at the Federal level relating to regulations, programs, and efforts around the nation's oil and gas industry.

Congressman Garret Graves

U.S. House of Representatives

Congressman Clay Higgins

U.S. House of Representatives

Congressman Mike Johnson

U.S. House of Representatives

2:00 pm

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Industry Market Outlook

Stephen Jury will explore markets, consumer behavior, and industry trends to frame the industry market’s outlook. How has America First Energy Plan worked? Who has been importing crude oil and LNG? What is the relevance of OPEC? How do supply and demand and our storage levels all affect the industry in Louisiana? And what does the stock market have to tell us about the industry’s outlook? These and many more questions will be answered in this session with Stephen Jury.

Stephen Jury

Managing Director, JP Morgan Chase & Co.

3:00 pm

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Outlook on the Gulf of Mexico

Beacon Offshore is a new Deepwater Operator with Engineering and Operations based in Covington, Louisiana. Mr. Leimkuhler will cover the challenges of building an organization and preparing to operate subsea production followed by Deepwater Rig Operations in 2020. This presentation will address internal challenges related to organizations as well as external challenges related to the wider industry.

Joe Leimkuhler

Chief Operating Officer, Beacon Offshore Energy

4:00 pm

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

What Would Happen to Oil and Gas Under a Biden Presidency?

Much can change between now and the election in November. But Biden’s broader clean energy plans could be a watershed moment for US energy, and his agenda could have a profound and direct impact on offshore oil and gas production.

Justin Rostant

Principle Analyst, Wood Mackenzie


9:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Judicial Elections

Tuesday 9 a.m. Staples and Chauvin: The election on November 3 provides Louisianans with a tremendous opportunity to change the state’s future and reshape our critical third branch of government; our judiciary. We’ll be casting ballots for two new justices on the Louisiana Supreme Court, four judges to sit on the benches of the Courts of Appeal, and more than 50 local District Court judges. Because Louisiana sees its highest voter turnout in a Presidential Election, and this amount of state judicial races only lines up with the contest to be commander-in-chief every 12 years, you’ll have the largest amount of citizens voting for judges that we’ve seen since 2008. The judiciary is the single branch of government that the average citizen only has to deal with when they have a major problem, yet the vast majority of voters have no idea who their elected judges even are. LABI’s Bo Staples and Lauren Chauvin will help educate Southern Energy Conference attendees to understand the judiciary from their local district on up to the state Supreme Court so attendees understand their courts, complex district lines, and their impact on the state.

Lauren Chauvin

Judicial Program Director and Director of Civil Justice Reform, Energy and Environmental Councils, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

Bo Staples

Director of Political Action Committees and Governmental Reform, Louisiana Association of Business and Industry

10:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

ESG: One of the big questions that companies and financial institutions often ask is “What value does Environmental Social Governance performance and reporting create?” This is a challenging question because valuating ESG performance involves valuing both tangible and intangible assets. Cornerstone team members Jack Belcher and Alanna Fishman will help answer this question and learn the components of a successful ESG program and ESG reporting, as well as how to demonstrate value to their board, investors and the marketplace.

Jack Belcher

Principal, Cornerstone Government Affairs

Alanna Fishman

Vice President, Cornerstone Government Affairs

11:00 am

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Coastal and Legacy Lawsuits

Kelly Brechtel Becker will give an update on the coastal and legacy lawsuits in Louisiana and a look at what business owners can expect in the future in terms of litigation. She will review the history of the various litigation strategies employed against the industry as well as more effective solutions for tackling the state’s challenges. The erosion of Louisiana’s coastline is a serious concern, not only for Louisiana and its people, but also for the oil and gas industry that has operated within Louisiana’s borders for over a century. However, the state and local governments’ current approach of targeting the oil and gas industry with lawsuits has slowed progress of cooperative solutions. Litigation has been ongoing for years and is nowhere close to resolution. The merits of the litigation are questionable, but even if the plaintiffs and their attorneys succeed in obtaining an award, there is no guarantee that money outside of the scope of Act 312 will be used to improve the state’s coastline. At the same time, the litigation threatens the future of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, which has been a key driver of economic growth in the state.

Kelly Brechtel Becker

Energy Litigator/Appellate Practitioner, Liskow & Lewis

12:00 pm

LA: 1.0 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Ethics CLE

1 hour Ethics CLE Presentation | Ms. Jarrott is a litigator who has more than 15 years of experience assisting clients in a variety of industries including energy, transportation, and other commercial businesses. Ms. Jarrott focuses her practice on helping businesses resolve disputes with particular experience in complex commercial litigation, transactional and regulatory matters. A large portion of Ms. Jarrott's practice focuses on commercial contracts, including review and input on provisions that protect her clients' businesses and operational concerns, as well as defending businesses should a dispute arise.

Colleen C. Jarrott

Of Counsel, Baker Donelson

1:00 pm

LA: 1.0 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Professionalism CLE

1 hour Professionalism CLE Presentation. As a partner at Kean Miller in the litigation group, Katie Bell will deliver the Professionalism course through the lens of representing clients in toxic tort and mass tort actions, emergency and incident response matters, wetlands loss, business and commercial litigation, civil rights and municipal law. She will discuss professionalism in every level of trial advocacy, including opening and closing statements, cross examination of witnesses, as well as handling summary judgment and evidentiary hearings, both pre-trial and during trial.

Katie Bell

Partner, Attorney at Kean Miller

2:00 pm

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

COVID Liability and Your Business

Hunter Chauvin and Tommy McGoey will keep attendees abreast of the latest legal and regulatory developments relating to COVID-19 that will impact energy production and service companies. Hunter Chauvin will cover general tort liability exposure for businesses caused by COVID-19. He will discuss current COVID-19 litigation in Louisiana and nationwide, recent legislation limiting COVID-19 liability for businesses, and how businesses can protect themselves from COVID-19 tort liability. Tommy McGoey will cover employment law issues related to COVID-19, including testing of employees, reasonable accommodations for disabled employees, remote worker issues, layoffs, emergency paid sick leave and enhanced family and medical leave. He will address guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, OSHA, and the CDC and statutes including the WARN Act and Families First Coronavirus Relief Act.

Hunter A. Chauvin

Hunter Chauvin is a litigator in the oil and gas industry with a concentration on legacy lawsuits and coastal land loss issues.

Thomas J. "Tommy" McGoey, II

Shareholder, Head of Labor & Employment Practice Group, Liskow & Lewis

3:00 pm

LA: 0.92 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Climate Change Litigation and Why Every Business Should Be Concerned

Climate litigation in the United States has been a nearly 20-year effort to turn climate change into a tort liability issue, not a matter of national energy policy. A new wave of lawsuits began in 2017, and in just the past few months, lawsuits have been filed by Connecticut, Delaware, Minnesota and several local cities and counties. This presentation will discuss the history of and latest trends in this litigation, as well as why and how they are being pursued.

Phil Goldberg

Special Counsel, Manufacturers’ Center for Legal Action

Wednesday OCTOBER 21, 2020: Office of conservation TRACK

9:00 am

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Center for Energy Studies Tax Plan

Center for Energy Studies Tax Plan: Dr. Greg Upton, of the LSU Center for Energy Studies, will provide an update on the State Report regarding mineral revenues in Louisiana. Senate Concurrent Resolution 4 was passed in 2018 asking Dr. Jim Richardson and Dr. Greg Upton to make specific recommendations to the legislature regarding mineral taxes in Louisiana. The motivation for this request was based on work conducted by the Task Force on Structural Change in Budget & Tax Policy and a recently published book chapter on the topic. SCR 4 can be found here. The economists were asked to explore possible changes to Louisiana mineral tax structure and consider the following goals: Preserve or improve the competitiveness of the oil and gas extraction sector in Louisiana. Decrease or remove the difference in tax rates for oil and gas. Create an equitable system of severance tax exemptions on all wells, not just horizontal wells. Hold constant or increase mineral revenues for the state. Explore other reasons why oil and gas production is fluctuating in the state of Louisiana and any changes that need to be made to increase production. This session will allow Dr. Upton to highlight the results of the work conducted in the first two years of their three-year study process.

Dr. Greg Upton

Assistant Professor-Research, Center for Energy Studies, Louisiana State University

10:00 am

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Latest Developments within the Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program

Stephen Lee with the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources will review the latest developments in the Underground Injection Control Program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He will review the latest new regulatory intstruments that protect underground sources of drinking water (USDW), surface waters, and the land from endangerment by regulating the subsurface injection of hazardous and nonhazardous waste fluids; subsurface storage of liquid, liquefied, and gaseous fluids; mineral solution mining; injection for enhanced oil recovery; and carbon dioxide sequestration.

Stephen Lee

Injection and Mining Division, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Corey Shircliff, P.G.

Geologist, Department of Injection and Mining, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Kellie McNamara

Engineering Manager, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

11:00 am

LA: 0 TX: 0 AAPL: 1.0

Maneuvering in SONRIS and Online Reporting

Join DNR's Carrie Wiebelt as she walks through using SONRIS for reporting, submitting queries, and finding the information you need. The SONRIS Data Portal provides Oil, gas, and injection well information, state land leasing, ground water information, and more. This session will help attendees get the most from this data-rich portal.

Carrie Wiebelt

Permits Section Manager, Office of Conservation, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

2:00 pm

LA: 0 TX: 0 AAPL: 1.0

District Office Manager Perspectives

Audience has the chance to ask questions on regulatory topics.

Patrick Molbert

District Manager, Office of Conservation, Louisiana Department of Natural Resource

3:00 pm

LA: 0. TX: 0 AAPL: 1.0

Statewide Order 29-L Series – Unitization, Unit Termination

David Elfert

Director, Geological Oil and Gas Division, Office of Conservation at Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Thursday OCTOBER 22, 2020: Carbon day

9:00 am

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0


Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) is part of a broad package of solutions needed to achieve net zero emissions. It is vital for the decarbonization of heavy industries like steel, cement, refineries and chemical complexes. The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative is working with industry, governments, NGOs and other investors to help create a CCUS industry at scale and this session will detail those discoveries and their future plans.

James Mackey

Managing Director, Oil and Gas Climate Initiative

10:00 am

LA: 0.45 TX: 0.5 AAPL: 0.5

Climate Initative Task Force

Charles Sutcliffe is the Chief Resiliency Officer for the Governor’s newly launched Office of Coastal Activities, a role created in the Governor’s Executive Order that also created the Climate Initiative Task Force. In this talk he will discuss the Task Force and the policy implications it will have for businesses and communities in the oil and gas industry. Sutcliffe will discuss the Coastal Master Plan Flood Risk and Resilience program, how it interfaces with the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority, the Office of Community Development, philanthropic interests, municipalities, and nongovernmental organizations on the advancement of policies and integrated actions to improve statewide resilience.

Charles Sutcliffe

Chief Resiliency Officer, Office of Coastal Activities

10:30 am

LA: 0.46 TX: 0.5 AAPL: 0.5

Federal Update

Congressman Garret Graves will discuss energy policy efforts on a federal level during this session.

Congressman Garret Graves

U.S. House of Representatives

11:00 am

LA: 0.45 TX: 0.5 AAPL: 0.5

Carbon Capture and Sequestration at the Office of Fossil Energy

Lou Hrkman is the Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Clean Coal and Carbon Management. As DAS for Clean Coal and Carbon Management, Mr. Hrkman oversees research, development, and demonstration of advanced coal-based power systems, and carbon capture, sequestration, and storage. Mr. Hrkman has more than two decades of experience in the energy industry, including work in both the public and private sectors. Most recently, he served as a Policy Adviser to Congressman David D. McKinley, who was the Chair of the House Coal Caucus and the Vice Chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee. In this role, Mr. Hrkman advised Congressman McKinley on various policy issues and pending legislation pertaining to energy and the environment. He also previously served as a Legislative Fellow for Congressman Gus Bilirakis, assisting on Energy and Power Subcommittee issues.

Lou Hrkman

Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Clean Coal and Carbon Management, Department of Energy

11:30 am

LA: 0.46 TX: 0.5 AAPL: 0.5

Capturing Carbon through Partnership

In ongoing discussions about reducing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, blue carbon has emerged as a recognized tool to address this challenge in a sustainable and long-term way. Justin Ehrenwerth will walk attendees through efforts to advance carbon mitigation strategies at the Water Institute of the Gulf including through blue carbon, which describes the ability of aquatic and wetland plants to capture and store carbon from the air. The carbon captured in coastal wetlands presents an opportunity for restoration and infrastructure protection projects to generate greenhouse gas offset credits and incentivize private investment through the revenue that can be generated from carbon credit markets.

Justin Ehrenworth

President and CEO, Water Institute of the Gulf

1:30 pm

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Federal Department of Energy Update

Menezes’ address will focus on America’s leadership and innovation in energy storage and DOE’s recent launch of the Energy Storage Grand Challenge, a comprehensive program to accelerate the development, commercialization and utilization of energy storage and sustain American global leadership in the field. The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory develops and commercializes advanced technologies that provide reliable and affordable solutions to America’s energy challenges. NETL’s work supports DOE’s mission to advance the national, economic and energy security of the United States.

Secretary Mark Menezes

Deputy Secretary, Department of Energy

2:00 pm

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 0.5

Alternative Carbon Mitigation Strategies

What successful carbon mitigation strategies are there that have already proven efficient, able to scale, and good for the bottom line? That’s what PJ Marshall of the Restore the Earth Foundation and Anastasia Behr of DOW will discuss at the Southern Energy Conference. They will detail an innovative planning process they use to examine the best places to use things like dredge material to build new ridges, terraces and wetlands to protect infrastructure, helping to attenuate waves and prevent erosion. In their process, new habitat will be created, and community resiliency buffered. The final consideration is carbon sequestration which can buttress natural environments and while capturing carbon through ecosystem projects like planting black mangrove trees.

PJ Marshall

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Restore the Earth Foundation

Anastasia Behr


Rick N. Johnson, MS

Director, Sustainability, Entergy

3:00 pm

LA: 0.91 TX: 1.0 AAPL: 1.0

Louisiana State Agency Panel on Carbon Capture

The Nation’s leading scientists, university researchers, national laboratories, industrial representatives, environmental organizations, and many others have taken a proactive approach at identifying and characterizing the most promising options for technology deployment and geologic CO2 storage for the Southeast. This activity includes detailed analyses of the geology of the region to ensure that multiple “seals” exist above the injection zone to trap the CO2 in deep formations, identifying major sources of CO2 emissions, determining the best technologies that can be deployed at the source in order to capture the CO2, regulatory permitting, and, most importantly, tailored monitoring, verification, and accounting protocols to ensure that the CO2 injected is traceable and to protect underground sources of drinking water and the environment. The Louisiana State Agency Panel will provide an update on the state’s posture in regards to recently implemented Carbon Capture laws.

David Dismukes

Professor, Executive Director and Professor Center for Energy Studies, LSU

Brad Lambert

Deputy Secretary, LED

Jason Lanclos, P.E.

Director, State Energy Office, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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