Lafayette, La

September 17-18, 2019
Two-Day Event


1521 West Pinhook Road
Lafayette, LA 70503


The Southern Energy Conference was a fantastic event! Be sure to join us next year.

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The Southern Energy Conference is going to be a packed event providing the information, connections, and credits you and your team need.

Gubernatorial Forum, Tuesday SEPTEMBER 17

Hear about the vision for the Bayou State's oil and gas industry from the candidates for the state's highest office.


Connections that strengthen the industry

Network with experts and leaders from the Department of Energy, the Consumer Energy Alliance, the Louisiana Economic Development, Louisiana House of Representatives, Bradley Murchison, the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association, the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, the Cook Political Report, the Louisiana Office of the Attorney General, Kuchler Polk, XTO Fieldwood, Cheron, Shell, Cheniere Energy, Lafayette Parish Government, ExxonMobil, the Water Institute of the Gulf, the Army Corps of Engineers, Jones Waler, the Office of Conservation, the OFfice of Coastal Management, the Department of Natural Resources, the Association of Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers, Liskow and Lewis and more.

EARN CLE CREDITS: wednesday, september 18

CLE Credits

CLE Credits will be granted for the following presentations: Update on Louisiana Shale Plays, Cultural Diversity in the Oil & Gas Industry, 2019 Election Update and Overview, Energy Regulations and Changes on the Federal Level, Supreme Court Justice Candidate Forum, The Political Landscape for Election in Louisiana and the United States, Legal Up in Louisiana, the Gulf of Mexico Panel, LNG Expansion in Louisiana, and Sensible Energy Policies Nationwide.


Working with federal, state, and local political divisions including levee districts, the CPRA is working to establish a safe and sustainable coast that will protect our communities, the nation's critical energy infrastructure, and bountiful natural resources for generations to come.


Greg Grandy


The Southern Energy Conference is going to be a packed event providing the information, connections, and credits you and your team need.

Tuesday SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

7:15 am

45 minutes

Registration and Breakfast

8:00 am

15 minutes

Conference Kick-Off

Welcome to the inaugural Southern Energy Conference!

Gloria Moncada

Manager, ExxonMobil & Chairman, LMOGA

Joel Robideaux

President, Lafayette Parish Government

8:15 am

30 minutes

Update on Louisiana Shale Plays

Nicole Baird

Development & Production Manager, Equinor

Bob Manthei

Regulatory Affairs Manager, XTO

8:45 am

45 minutes

Diversity in Energy

Louisiana's oil and natural gas industry needs a diverse workforce to ensure collective success. Hear from state and industry leaders on how we can work together to attract diverse individuals to help meet future workforce demands and ensure an innovative, sustainable industry in Louisiana.

Lori Davis

President and CEO, Rig-Chem LLC

Rep. Edmond Jordan

Representative, House District 29, Baton Rouge

Mandi Mitchell

Assistant Secretary , Louisiana Economic Development

9:30 am

60 Minutes

2019 Elections Overview and Update

We are at a critical point in the election cycle. The winning legislative, local, and gubernatorial candidates will decide the fate and future of our state and our oil and gas industry.

Gifford Briggs

President, Louisiana Oil & Gas Association

Tyler Gray

President and General Counsel, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

10:30 am

30 minutes

Energy Regulation and Changes on the Federal Level

Shawn Bennett currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas. He administers oil and gas programs, including research and development, analysis, and natural gas regulation. Mr. Bennett has more than a decade of experience in public affairs and government relations in the coal and the oil and gas industries. Most recently, he served as the Executive Vice President for the Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA), a non-profit trade association that is dedicated to representing Ohio oil and gas producers. The organization represents over 2,000 members in all aspects of the exploration, production, and development of crude oil and natural gas resources in Ohio. His role at OOGA included overseeing all federal and state legislative and regulatory activities in Columbus, OH and Washington D.C. Prior to joining OOGA, Mr. Bennett was the Director of Strategic Communications for FTI Consulting from 2011 to 2014. He worked with business leaders, elected officials, and residents in eastern Ohio and Pennsylvania regarding the safety and economic benefits of oil and gas exploration. From 2005 to 2011, he was the Government Affairs Manager for the Ohio Coal Association.

Shawn Bennett

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas, Department of Energy

11:00 am

45 minutes

Supreme Court Candidate Presentations

Judge William J. Crain

Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal

Judge Scott Schlegel

24th Judicial District Court, Jefferson Parish

11:45 am

60 minutes

The Political Landscape for Elections in Louisiana and the United States

The Cook Political Report is an independent, non-partisan newsletter that analyzes elections and campaigns for the US House of Representatives, US Senate, Governors and President.

David Wasserman

U.S. House Editor, Cook Political Report

1:15 pm

30 minutes

Legal Update in Louisiana

Jeff Landry

Louisiana Attorney General

1:45 pm

60 minutes

The Future Outlook on the Gulf of Mexico          

Kevin Bruce

Director, Government & Public Affairs, Fieldwood Energy LLC

Lori LeBlanc

Owner, Lori LeBlanc, LLC

Kevin Simpson

Offshore Lead, Regulatory Policy and Advocacy, Shell

Jacob Roche

Director, Government Affairs, Murphy Oil Corporation

2:45 pm

30 minutes

The LNG Expansion in Louisiana

Julie Nelson

VP Governmental Affairs, Cheniere Energy

3:15 pm

45 minutes

Practical Energy Policies Nationwide

Hear from the president of the Consumer Energy Alliance

David Holt

President and CEO, Consumer Energy Alliance

5:00 pm

60 minutes

Cocktail Reception

Network with industry leaders while enjoying a relaxing cocktail before the Gubernatorial Forum.

6:30 pm

Gubernatorial Forum Dinner

Dine while you listen to the candidates for the state's highest office share their vision for Louisiana's oil and gas industry

Congressman Ralph Abraham

Gubernatorial Candidate

Omar Dantzler

Gubernatorial Candidate

Eddie Rispone

Gubernatorial Candidate

wednesday SEPTEMBER 18, 2019

8:00 am

BREAKFAST: Stephen Waguespack

Stephen Waguespack

President & CEO

9:00 am

Business & Energy Outlook

Business environment in Louisiana and attracting investment from the oil & natural gas industry in the Gulf coast region

Bryan Milton

President, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants Company

9:45 am

Industry Advocacy Panel

Hear a robust discussion from U. S. Chamber, Ovintiv, Energy in Depth, API, and AFPM on communicating the values and leadership of our industry

Marty Durbin

President, Global Energy Institute

Nicole Jacobs Schomburg

Director, Energy in Depth

Jaime Zarraby, Senior Vice President, Communications

American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers

10:00 am

Golf Outing

Swing by and join us for a round of golf at the Country Club at Golden Nugget

5:00 pm

Evening Welcome Reception

Network, mix and mingle during the cocktail reception at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino to kick off the 2020 Industry Annual Meeting

10:45 am

LNG Panel

Join a panel of leading LNG companies as they discuss the current LNG environment, future outlook, and advancements

Frederic Phipps

President, Shell US LNG

Richert Self

Deputy Executive Director, Lake Charles Harbor & Terminal District

12:00 pm

LUNCH: GOM Financial Outlook

Using Data Trends, Wood MacKenzie will deliver industry insights and the financial outlook for the Gulf of Mexico

Mfon Usoro

Senior Research Analyst, GOM, Wood Mackenzie

1:30 pm

ITEP Panel

Hear from some of the largest contractors as they discuss ITEP changes, challenges, and opportunities in Louisiana

1:30 pm

Social Media Engagement in Industry

Wesley Donahue with Push Digital discusses the crucial need for engagement in our industry and how social can change the narrative

Wesley Donahue


2:00 pm

Lessons in Carbon Capture & Storage

Denbury's Dan Cole, Vice President discusses CC&S

Dan Cole

Vice President, Denbury Resources

2:00 pm

Cyber Security in Industry

Hear the latest in cyber security

Haggai Davis

Security Expert, EMCO Technologies

2:30 pm

Carbon Capture, Utilization, & Storage Panel

Multiple experts from Shell, Louisiana's Office of Conservation, and LSU will present on a panel on market opportunities and the current Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage landscape

Jan Sherman

GM Special Projects for Gulf Coast CCUS at Shell Oil Company

David Dismukes

Director, LSU Center for Energy Studies

Jason Lanclos

Director, Technology Assessment Division, DNR

2:30 pm

Legislative Panel 1: Freshmen

Hear from first time legislators Representative Danny McCormick, Representative Beau Beaullieu, and Senator Heather Cloud on their campaign experiences and their plans for session

Representative Danny McCormick

HD-1, Oil City

Representative Beau Beaullieu

HD-48, New Iberia

Senator Heather Cloud

SD-28, Turkey Creek

3:00 pm

Environmental, Safety, and Regulatory


Deputy Regional Administrator, EPA Region 6

3:00 pm

Legislative Panel 2: Leadership

Listen to a discussion from Senator Sharon Hewitt, Senator Jimmy Harris (invited), Senator Brett Allain, and Speaker of the House Clay Schexnayder on upcoming legislation

Senator Sharon Hewitt

SD-1, Slidell

Senator Bret Allain

SD-21, Franklin

3:30 pm

LORA: The Ins and Outs

John Adams, Office of Conservation discusses the Louisiana Oilfield Restoration Association

John Adams

Office of Conservation

3:30 pm

Legislative Panel 3: 2020 Priorities of the Legislature

Senator Kirk Talbot, Senator Bob Hensgens, and Representative Jean-Paul Coussan lead a panel on their priorities for session.

Senator Kirk Talbot

SD-10, River Ridge

Senator Bob Hensgens

SD-26, Abbeville

Representative Jean-Paul Coussan

HD-45, Lafayette

4:00 pm

Trending Pipeline Issues on a National Level

LSU's Dr. David Dismukes with the Center for Energy Studies discusses pipeline trends nationally with an eye to the CES's pipeline study

Dr. David Dismukes

Professor, Executive Director and Professor, Center for Energy Studies LSU

4:00 pm

LOGA Tax Committee

Daron Fredrickson, Merit Advisors, will give an update on to the LOGA Tax Committee

Daron Fredrickson

Merit Advisors

6:00 pm

DINNER:  Special Presentation

8:00 am

BREAKFAST: Fireside Chat with LMOGA and LOGA Leadership

Join LMOGA's Tyler Gray and LOGA's Gifford Briggs for a deep dive on what's to come this session, association priorities, and their outlook for this upcoming term.

Tyler Gray

President and General Counsel, LMOGA

Gifford Briggs

President, LOGA

11:30 am

Update on Coastal Lawsuits

FTI Consulting's Melissa Landry and The Pelican Institute for Public Policy's Daniel Erspamer deliver a status update on the Coastal Lawsuits

Melissa Landry

Energy Consultant, FTI

Daniel Erspamer

Pelican Institute for Public Policy

8:00 am

60 minutes

Breakfast Presentation: Refining 101

Susan Grissom

Chief Industry Analyst, American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

9:00 am

15 minutes

Networking & Exhibitor Break

9:15 am

2 hours

DEQ Permits

The mission of the Department of Environmental Quality is to provide service to the people of Louisiana through comprehensive environmental protection in order to promote and protect health, safety and welfare while considering sound policies that are consistent with statutory mandates.

Bryan Johnston

Air Division Administrator, DEQ

Jillian Gautreaux

Water - Environmental Scientist, DEQ

45 minutes

OOC District Discussion

Jackie Devall

Shreveport District Manager

Patrick Molbert

Lafayette District Manager

Jim York

Monroe District Manager

90 minutes

Army Corps of Engineers

Durand Elzey

Assistant Deputy District Engineer for Programs & Project Management, New Orleans District, ACOE

Mark Wingate

Deputy District Engineer for Programs and Project Management, New Orleans District, ACOE

45 minutes

Severance Tax & Other Tax Issues Affecting the Oil & Gas Industry

Bob Angelico

Firm President and Managing Partner, Liskow & Lewis

10:00 am

45 minutes

DNR: Maneuvering in SONRIS: GIS & Maps

Kevin Masden

Department of Natural Resources Information Technology Department

Carrie Wiebelt

Permits Section Manager, Office of Conservation

45 minutes

The Louisiana Tax Commission: An Overview of the Mechanics of a Tax Appeal

Jay Adams

Partner, Tax Practice Group, Jones Walker

10:15 am

DEQ Surveillance

Join is for a DEQ Panel Discussion on surveillance

Brian Fontenot

Air Environmental Scientist Senior, DEQ

Jimbo Earles

Waste Environmental Supervisor, DEQ

Shane Miller

Water Environmental Scientist Senior, DEQ

10:45 am

30 minutes

Public Affairs and Tax Policy Issues

Jason Decuir

Principal, Ryan LLC

30 minutes

Online Well Tests & Reports

Carrie Wiebelt

Permits Section Manager, Office of Conservation

30 minutes

SR 99 Update

Charlie Marshall

Milling Law

11:15 am

15 minutes

Networking & Exhibitor Break

11:30 am

1.5 hours

Luncheon Presentation

Justin Ehrenwerth

The Water Institute of the Gulf

1:00 pm

15 minutes


1:15 pm

2 hours

DEQ Panel Discussion: The Enforcement Process

The mission of the Department of Environmental Quality is to provide service to the people of Louisiana through comprehensive environmental protection in order to promote and protect health, safety and welfare while considering sound policies that are consistent with statutory mandates.

Antoinette Cobb

Air: Environmental Scientist Staff, DEQ

Wayne Slater

Water: Environmental Scientist Senior, DEQ

Craig Easley

Waste: Environmental Scientist Senior, DEQ

30 minutes

New State Lease Form & Royalty Assistance

Jamie Manuel

Office of Mineral Resources

45 minutes

Coastal Zone Management Act Lawsuits

Nick Wise

Associate, Kuchler Polk Weiner

45 minutes

CPRA: Implementation for coastal protection and restoration programs

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority’s mandate is to develop, implement, and enforce a comprehensive coastal protection and restoration Master Plan.

Greg Grandy


Stuart Brown


1:45 pm

30 minutes

State Leasing & Royalty, Document Review &  Reporting

Beverly Kahl

Land Specialist, Office of Mineral Resources

Taletha Shorter

Audit Manager, Office of Mineral Resources

2:00 pm

30 minutes

Legacy Update

Loulan Pitre

Partner, Kelly Hart Pitre

2:15 pm

30 minutes

OCM: Permitting & Mitigation

Christine Charrier

Coastal Resources Scientist Manager - Permits, Office of Coastal Management

Kelly Templet

Coastal Resources Scientist Manger - Mitigation, Permits, Office of Coastal Management

2:30 pm

30 minutes

Update on Select New OCS Regulations, Rules & Policies

Nadège Assalé

Legal Counsel, Bradley Murchison

2:45 pm

30 minutes

OOC: Groundwater Rules & Water Well Registration‍

Teri Tharp

Environmental Impact Specialist, Office of Conservation

3:00 pm

2 hours

Professional & Ethics CLE

John Funderburk is a partner in the Baton Rouge office of Kean Miller and practices in the litigation and construction groups. He represents clients in energy, commercial, environmental, transportation, and construction litigation in both state and federal courts. John has represented both individuals and corporations in complex environmental litigation, contract disputes, maritime actions, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, deceptive trade practices claims, and oilfield contamination litigation.

John Funderburk

Partner, Kean Miller

REgister for The Southern Energy Conference