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SB 463: To create the Coastal Area Flood Protection Authority


Proposed law creates the Coastal Area Flood Protection Authority.

Proposed law states the purpose and intent of proposed law is to provide flood protection and coastal area restoration in order to achieve a long-term solution of coastal area protection.

Proposed law defines "annual plan", "authority", "board", "coastal area", "conservation and restoration", "executive assistant", "executive director", "fund", "hurricane protection", infrastructure", "integrated coastal area protection", "master plan", "program", "project", "sponsoring authority", and "wetlands".

Proposed law creates the Coastal Area Flood Protection Board, and lists the members of the board, including the secretaries of the Departments of Natural Resources, Wildlife and Fisheries, Environmental Quality, Economic Development, the commissioners of administration, agriculture and forestry, and insurance. Members also include one member from each of the parishes included in the coastal area in whole or in part. These members shall be appointed by the governor in consultation with the Police Jury Association from nominations submitted by the governing authorities of each parish located in whole or in part from the coastal area, and legislators whose districts are in the coastal area in whole or part. Members also include the executive assistant to the governor for coastal area activities, the chair of the Governor's Advisory Commission on Coastal Protection, Restoration, and Conservation, the director of the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the speaker of the House of Representatives, the president of the Senate, and the lieutenant governor. All members from state agencies or who are elected officials may be represented at meeting by their designee.

Proposed law creates the Coastal Area Flood Protection Authority and sets forth its duties and powers. Provides for an executive director and sets forth his powers and duties. Provides for periodic reports to the legislature. Provides for a deputy executive director to perform all duties in the absence of the executive director.

Proposed law provides for the development of a master plan and an annual plan, and sets forth the requirements for each and provides for legislative review.

Proposed law creates the Coastal Area Flood Protection Fund in the state treasury, and provides that monies received from state appropriation, federal funds, grants, or donations for the authority shall be deposited into the fund. Provides for the investment of monies in the fund and specifies that the funds shall be used for flood protection in the coastal area.

Effective July 1, 2022.

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