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SB 354: Provides for the "Louisiana Consumer Fuel Choice Act"


Proposed law establishes the "Louisiana Consumer Fuel Choice Act".

Proposed law defines "energy type" to include aviation fuel, biofuel, compressed natural gas, diesel, electricity to be utilized for the charging of electric vehicles, gasoline, gas distillates, hydrogen, liquified petroleum gas, and renewable diesel.

Proposed law provides that no local governing authority shall adopt an ordinance, rule, or law that limits consumer access to an energy type or that results in the prohibition of a wholesaler, retailer, energy producer, or the related infrastructure that is necessary to provide consumer access to a specific energy type within the local governing authority.

Proposed law prohibits construing any provision of proposed law to restrict, impair, or diminish the regulatory authority of the Louisiana Public Service Commission or of any governing authority of a political subdivision that regulates a public utility in accordance with Const. Art. IV, Section 21.

Proposed law provides for retroactive and prospective application.

Effective upon signature of the governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.

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