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SB 241: Provides for alternatives in lieu of payment under protest for certain ad valorem taxes


Present law requires the payment under protest of the disputed amount of tax when a taxpayer challenges the correctness of an ad valorem tax assessment or the legality of an ad valorem tax assessment.

Proposed law provides that payment under protest is not required to file an appeal with the Louisiana Tax Commission regarding the correctness of an assessment.

Proposed law provides for an alternative method of providing security in lieu of a payment under protest in the case of a taxpayer filing a legality challenge with a court or the Board of Tax Appeals.

Proposed law authorizes the taxpayer to file a rule to set bond or other security with the court or the board which shall be set for hearing within 30 days.

Proposed law authorizes the court or the board to order that a portion of the disputed amount be paid under protest and the balance secured by the posting of a bond or other security.

Proposed law authorizes the collector to file a reconventional demand against the taxpayer in the cause of action in which a bond or alternative security is provided and further provides that the collector may procure an appraisal or conduct discovery concerning the value and validity of security offered.

Proposed law requires that the posting of a bond or other security for ad valorem tax challenges shall be consistent with the provisions for providing security in connection with a suspensive appeal under the Code of Civil Procedure.

Effective August 1, 2022.

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