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SB 13: Provides for actions arising from coastal use permits


Present law establishes a coastal zone management program within the Dept. of Natural Resources administered by the secretary of the department. An aspect of the program is the application and issuance of required coastal use permits prior to commencing a use of state or local concern in the coastal zone.

Present law
requires the venue for civil or criminal actions to enforce the program be in the parish where the use or activity is situated or, if situated in one or more parishes, in either parish the use or activity is situated.

Proposed law
retains present law.

Proposed law
requires any enforcement action be brought within a preemptive period of ten years from the first occurrence of the use or activity giving rise to the action.

Proposed law
provides proposed law does not affect the rights of a landowner to bring actions arising from contractual or delictual claims.

Effective August 1, 2023.

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