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HB 898: Provides relative to the powers of parishes and municipalities with respect to liquefied petroleum gas


Abstract: Prohibits parishes and municipalities from adopting certain rules and regulations that restrict the use and storage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Proposed law provides that no code, ordinance, land use restriction, or general or specific plan provision adopted by a parish or municipality may prohibit or have the effect of restricting a person's or entity's ability to use the services of a LPG provider who is capable and authorized to provide services to the person's or entity's property.

Proposed law prohibits a parish or municipality from denying a permit application based on the LPG dealer's proposal to provide service to the project. Authorizes a parish or municipality to establish rules, ordinances, or requirements that do not supercede or conflict with existing federal or state laws, rules or regulations regarding the use or storage of LPG.

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