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HB 308: Requires an environmental impact statement for Carbon Capture products in Lake Maurepas


Present law establishes a coastal zone management program. Specifies that the Dept. of Natural Resources, office of coastal management, is the state agency responsible for management of activities in the coastal zone, including the issuance of coastal use permits.

Present law
also establishes requirements for the issuance of coastal use permits and authorizes the promulgation of rules to provide guidance on permit decisions.

Proposed law
imposes an additional requirement on any applicant seeking a coastal use permit to allow the construction of a Class VI injection well or installation of pipelines to transport carbon dioxide for geologic sequestration on or beneath Lake Maurepas or in the Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area. Provides that the additional requirement is an environmental impact statement that meets the requirements for environmental impact statements provided for in federal regulations.

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