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HB 1031: Imposes a road usage fee on certain electric and hybrid vehicles


Abstract: Levies a road usage fee for electric and hybrid vehicles and dedicates the fees to certain Highway Priority Program projects.

Proposed law levies a road usage fee of $400 per year on each electric vehicle and an annual road usage fee of $275 per year on each hybrid vehicle operated on state highways which are required to be registered and to pay a vehicle registration license tax in accordance with present law. Further requires the commissioner of the office of motor vehicles to collect the tax levied in proposed law every two years at the same time and in the same manner as the registration license tax pursuant to present law.

Proposed law defines "electric vehicle" as a vehicle powered by one or more electric motors or energy stored in rechargeable batteries for propulsion and defines "hybrid vehicle" as a vehicle that uses gasoline, diesel fuel, or special fuels in combination with an electric motor for propulsion.

Proposed law requires the Dept. of Transportation and Development to utilize the road usage fees from electric and hybrid vehicles on highway and bridge preservation projects included in the Highway Priority Program as outlined in present law. Further requires the total cost of a preservation project include the prorated cost associated with third-party services required by the department to create, implement, and maintain an online platform pursuant to the provisions of present law.

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